Prepared from experts for other expert hands. Impeccable craftsmanship and high-quality materials are passionately crafted.
Unique Appearance
We reflect the spirit of time by preserving traditional historical traces with timeless and unique designs.
Service and Support
Are you encountering a technical or mechanical problem? Does your machine need maintenance? We are happy to assist.
Quality Material
We manufacture with first class materials from the best suppliers for lifetime machines.
With the knowledge and experience transferred from generation to generation since 1954, we always produce the best for you with care.
We produce environmentally friendly machines that consume less, aiming at minimum carbon footprint and maximum efficiency in all production processes.


K.O.S.B. Ankara Asfaltı, Atatürk Mh. 78 Sok. No:3 Ulucak - Kemalpasa / Izmir / Türkiye

+90 (232) 877 10 54 - +90 (232) 877 00 10

+90 (232) 877 10 38

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