General Features

Afterburner: In our production, the combustion chamber is manufactured from 310 chrome, 1750 degrees resistant, special material. The air directions in the system reduce the air pressure and clean the smoke separated from the coffee by contacting the flame of the premix pre-combustion burner by burning it. With 12 cm of heat insulation, we have a security measure that prevents it from giving off energy.

During the installation of the afterburner, the first 1 meter of the chimney must be vertical and then it must be transferred to the outside with a minimum air duct. It is important that licensed installations belonging to the regional government are preferred in the installation, and that especially the assembly method is shared. The use of a thermostat controlled and premix pre-combustion system eliminates the risk, but all responsibility belongs to the user in mounting types where the distance between the celling and the ceiling is not a minimum of 1 meter.

Technicial Specifications

In our production, safety is ensured with 310 chrome nickel combustion chamber (resistant to 1750 ce), 12 cm insulation, combustion system Premix burner, (takes oxygen from outside) thermostat control, Its installation is usually done on the chaff cyclone, definitely get advice from the factory for assembly, With the upper point, ceiling It is mandatory to have a minimum distance of 1 meter from Responsibility for incorrect installations belongs to the user.


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